The Story So Far

Artscape 2002 and Beyond
The car's wild and woolly first week in public

Kiwanis Auto Show
An art car in the competitive world of show cars

Frida Movie Premiere in Baltimore
Art cars and movie stars

Road Trip in the Catskills
Art car... art firetruck... art house... art silo...

Outsider Art Fair
The Yarn Car takes Manhattan

And then a whole bunch of not-yet-documented adventures happened, including being filmed for German television in Times Square, participating in the New York Auto Show, appearing on CNN (the anchorman called my car "shagadelic"), spending 10 days on the street at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, showing the car at a Greenwich Village gallery, winning a prize in the Houston Art Car Parade, etc. Stories and photos coming soon! (Well, sooner or later...)

Knit-Out 2003, New York City

Although my car doesn't involve any knitting, the Craft Yarn Council invited me to show it at the massive Knit-Out convention in Manhattan in 2003. Sorry, no narrative, but here are my photos.

A Visit From a True Yarnophile

Artscape 2003

Another visit to the massive annual arts festival in Baltimore. I was one of the presenters at the art car symposium held at the American Visionary Art Museum. Here are my Artscape photos, including the results of my first experiments with putting a semi-hidden "robot" camera inside the car while it was parked, to take pictures of people reacting to the car. The shots with me in 'em were mostly taken by my fair lady Jillian.

Article in USA Today

The Move from New York to Texas
How not to move 2 tons of art

Article in the Plano Star Courier

Reader's Digest and Good Morning America
My car made Diane Sawyer giggle

    The Future    

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