Article in the Pawling News Chronicle

My friend Margaret Hubert and I appeared in this "Bits and People" column by Mae Greene in the 15 January 2004 issue of the News Chronicle of Pawling, New York. Here's the story of how it came about. In spite of what it says in the caption, the photo was actually taken by Margaret's friend Earl Slocum.

A car is a car is a car

But when it is the highly decorated vehicle by Tim Klein, it becomes a work of art. Via the Internet, local champion crocheter and author of books of crocheting, Margaret Huber [sic], came across this fascinating item and got in touch with Mr. Klein to meet with him and see the automobile. Looking for company for the trip to Valhalla, Margaret persuaded Earl Slocum to accompany her. Always accommodating, Earl did the driving. As a result of their meeting, Tim Klein was invited to participate in the New York City Knit/Crochet fair.

Next, as a consequence of Margaret having attended a Fiber Arts Forum in Australia where she talked about meeting Tim Klein, they are both being written up in the "Australian Forum for the Textile Arts" magazine. Margaret is well-known in Pawling for her classes at Marie Stewart's Yarn and Craft Box. Many thanks to Margaret for this unique story, which proves if you are paying attention, there are interesting things going on worth sharing.

Photo caption:
CROCHETING IN COLOR: Local champ Margaret Huber and Tim Klein next to his unique automobile (Photo by Mae Greene)


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