Outsider Art Fair 2003

In January 2003, I read about an upcoming event called the Outsider Art Fair. It's held in New York City each year by a group of galleries who specialize in works created by untrained artists (sometimes called intuitive artists, naive artists, visionary artists, self-taught artists, etc.). Well, heck, no artist has ever been less trained than I am! So I wondered whether my yarn-covered art car might somehow fit in?

At first I imagined the Fair as an open-air free-for-all, with outsider artists coming out of the woodwork to show their works. I learned that it was actually an indoor affair with a $15 admission charge, with booth spaces rented by galleries and museums. Nothing wrong with that, though I didn't see how my car could be involved. But some friends suggested that I simply park in front of the building where the Fair was being held, since every visitor would be sure to see the car there. So I decided to give it a try.

Driving in Manhattan is an adventure best avoided by sane people, but I managed to get the big old car from my suburban home in Rye to the Puck Building in Soho without incident (but with quite a few waves and smiles from folks on the streets!). I saw that people were cheerfully ignoring the No Parking signs on the street in front of the Fair, so I did the same, and staked my claim on a space almost directly outside the entrance (much closer than in this photo). I couldn't have hoped for a more conspicuous spot!

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