Petersen Automotive Museum Exhibit

In February 2003, a historic event happened in the art car world: the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles opened a four-month exhibit of art cars. The Petersen is a world-renowned automobile museum, so it was quite an auspicious occasion! Harrod Blank was the museum's guest researcher for the show, and this was certainly a big milestone in his long career of bringing art cars to the attention of the world.

A number of car artists were planning to congregate with their cars at the museum for the exhibit's opening reception on February 7. It would have been too far to drive my art car to Los Angeles from my home in New York, so I flew out instead. It's always kind of bittersweet to be among a bunch of art car folks and not have my own car there, but I wouldn't have missed this! And I wanted to tag along with Philo Northrup's art car caravan and folk art tour afterward.

I took lots of pictures of the sights at the museum that night. My amateur photography skills and equipment were no match for the tricky lighting, but I got some decent shots anyway. The last page of this section has links to some other people's photos of the event and the cars.

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